Everyone knows that heat rises. But did you know that approximately 25% of your heat is lost through your roof? Which is why, it makes perfect sense to insulate your roof correctly to drive down those energy bills and keep yourselves warm over those winter months.

It’s completely essential for every flat roof to be insulated in order to minimise heat loss in the winter, and to control the heat in the warmer months. If you currently have no flat roof insulation, you may as well be throwing your hard earned money down the drain.

Insulating your roof, attic or flat roof is a simple yet highly effective way to reduce your heating bills and enjoy a warmer, more comfortable home.

Roof quality

The first place to start is by checking the quality of your flat roof. Over the years, many traditional felt flat roofs will become susceptible to weather damage and the surface of the roofs will begin to blister and crack meaning that water can seep into your roof’s structure. Over time, the insulation may become waterlogged which greatly reduces the quality of the flat roof insulation and subsequently will add to the price of your energy bills.

Always check the quality of your roof because unfortunately, in a lot of cases, water damage is irreversible and the entire roof may have to be replaced. Newer flat roof systems such as EPDM and GRP roofs have a much longer life span than felt and can withstand different weather systems.

Flat roof insulation

Firstly, it’s important to note that you should never try and insulate your own home without prior knowledge and/or experience. Always seek the help of an experienced contractor to carry out the work.

Flat roof insulation is always more effective when it is insulated from above. A layer of insulation board can be added on top of the timber deck before a layer of waterproof membrane made of single ply PVC, EPDM or TPO is installed. This option is called a ‘warm roof deck’ which is the best option as you will have no condensation issues to contend with.

Please note that if you’re replacing your flat roof, it must be insulated for it to comply with UK Building Regulation Part L. The most recent document states that the target U value for new or replacement flat roofs should be 0.18W/m²K, which will ensure better heat retention and lower CO2 emissions.

If you need any help understanding the legalities behind Part L of the building regulations or you wish to know if your flat roof qualifies for upgraded insulation, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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