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How do I know if I've got a problem?

Over past years, most garage roofs have been fitted with timber decking and felt. Normally, over time the felt will split and leak and be overlayed with further layers of felt when repairs are carried out. The outlets may block up with debris causing standing water called ‘ponding’ which adds additional weight to your roof and will need addressing on roof replacement by using new timber firring pieces to enable the water to drain off the roof properly.

Flat roofs contract and expand when they heat up and cool down during the day and night. This is where felt roofs fail and split and begin to leak. If you look at the pictures below, you’ll see typical damage associated with a felt roof as it reaches its lifespan.

Modern flat roofs, especially EPDM are extremely flexible and elongate to over 300%. They are also hugely stable and have a proven lifespan of up to 50 years plus and come with a 20 year guarantee.

Have a look at each of these garage roof replacement solutions below. We can also quote for UPVC at the same time if you wish.

Our garage roof replacement solutions


GRP Roofing

GRP fibreglass roofs are extremely durable and highly highly attractive. A premium roof system for your flat roof.

Rubberbond EPDM

Rubberbond Fleeceback is the premium version of all EPDM and is perfect for overlaying roof systems where possible.


Firestone EPDM

Attractive edge trims give a great finish to this long-lasting flat roof system and comes with a 20 year guarantee.

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    See our latest finished garage roof replacement

    This is a recent job we’ve completed with an EPDM overlay. As you can see, you get a lovely finish on the roof coupled with a very long life span of up to 50 years and as always, a 20 year guarantee.

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