Flat roof insulation is a must-have for any home owner

R&D Roofing install large quantities of flat roof insulation to both domestic and commercial buildings. As you already may know, all flat roofs on new-builds must comply with Building Regulations Part L1A 2013  for new dwellings, and Building Regulations Part L1B 2013 for existing dwellings.  Subsequently it is a requirement that all roofs to rooms (except those in unheated buildings) should be thermally insulated to certain U-value. A typical product we may use is 120mm PIR rigid insulation which ensures that these requirements are met.

Insulating a flat roof can either be carried out via a cold roof method or a warm roof method. The warm roof method is when the insulation is laid on top of the roof substrate. This type of roof requires no ventilation at all.

The cold roof system is when the insulation is lifted between the joints. This type of roof needs to be ventilated to prevent condensation. R&D Roofing recommend upgrading your insulation where possible to all new flat roofs. We welcome enquiries for this work and please contact us on 02392 397100 or call Richard Butler on 07786 311985.

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