Cure-It Fibreglass Roofing (GRP)

R&D Roofing are fully trained Fibreglass GRP Roofing installers.

GRP has actually been in use for many years throughout the UK. The fact that it has also been used for marine craft such as boat and yacht hulls should be all the proof you need in regards to how watertight it is. It is also reassuring to know that It is recognised by construction authorities and home insurers as a premium flat roofing solution.

GRP is a durable flat roofing system which is visually superior to other outdated roof systems.  It has no joins, welds or seams, ensuring a smooth, seamless and watertight finish. Although other EPDM systems are also outstanding, GRP can be the right option for you depending on what your priorities are. Its flexibility means it can be moulded and shaped around skylights and general obstacles, and is tough enough to walk on.

Key features of GRP flat roofs:

  • Materials are specially formulated for roofing applications
  • 20 year guarantee on materials
  • Fast ‘wet-out’
  • Low styrene emission
  • High flexibility
  • Adjusted for seasonal variations in temperature
  • Good inter-laminar adhesion
  • We are fully trained
  • Available with a choice of top coats (Any BS4800 Colour)
  • Resistant to wind uplift
  • Fire retardant

Any questions?

What is fibreglass roofing?
What makes fibreglass ideal for flat roofs?
How long will a 'Cure-it' fibreglass roof last?
How easy is it to repair a fibreglass roof in the event of damage?
Can certain materials damage fibreglass roofs?
Can i walk on a GRP roofing system?
Is there a warranty for 'Cure-it' fibreglass roof systems?
What is fibreglass roofing?

Fibreglass is a fibre reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibres of glass, also known as GRP, which is much easier to say. It’s used in conjunction with a flexible resin compound which cures it to a tough, durable and attractive finish.

What makes fibreglass ideal for flat roofs?

Its often considered favourably for its pliability, in that GRP is easier to mould and shape around irregular shaped roofs, and so leaving a beautiful long lasting finish. Its also suitable for installing a beautiful green roof on top. The GRP fibreglass roof is money well spent when you consider how lightweight, extremely strong and robust the material is. GRP material is not brittle, therefore it is prone to less damage from UV rays, falling debris, or footfall.

How long will a 'Cure-it' fibreglass roof last?

We believe that a GRP roof can outlast any other roof covering when installed correctly. The longevity of any roof system however is not just reliant on the product, but also on the quality and experience of the installer.

How easy is it to repair a fibreglass roof in the event of damage?

In case of damage, the GRP can easily be repaired by either cutting out the damaged area and re-applying fibreglass matting and resin.

Can certain materials damage fibreglass roofs?

There are no common materials or substances that will cause damage to GRP. But Acidic cleaners, Paint Stripper and Rust Remover can strip Gel Coats.

Can i walk on a GRP roofing system?

Yes. We recommend using a anti-slip top coat.

Is there a warranty for 'Cure-it' fibreglass roof systems?

Yes, R&D Roofing offers a 20 year warranty and the manufacturer of ‘Cure it Fibreglass’ offers a 20 year material warranty.

Click on image to see our recent GRP warm roof installation

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Our latest job

Please feel free to take a look at our recent GRP fibreglass roof we completed that we hope you will be impressed by. If you’re unsure whether or not GRP is the right solution for you, then hopefully this short case study will clear up any questions you might have.

Want to see how it's done?

This video gives you a short introduction to GRP roof systems and how it might be a good flat roof solution for you.

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