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Our customers in Whatcombe Brow near Stonehenge contacted us because they were having problems with their pitched roof:

• Existing pitched roof built over a 3-layer felt flat roof

• Felt and battens incorrectly fitted and rotten

• Constant water penetration

Trowbridge Scaffolding

Trowbridge scaffolding provided a watertight and safe platform to work from.

Stonehenge Case Study

After many chats and emails back and forth the most sensible option was to make the decision to take down the decra clad pitched roof and upgrade the flat roof below to a new warm grp flat roof system.

Existing Decra Light Weight Tiles

Existing decra light weight tiles

We provided quotes for 3 different choices of roof covering –A new warm cure-it GRP flat roof system, Classicbond EPDM, or a RubberBond Fleeceback EPDM roof system, all of which we are fully trained to install. A few telephone calls and emails later and our customers were happy to go ahead with the Warm Cure-it Glass fibre Roof System

“The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head”

A real team effort

Stripping the pitched roof

Stripping the pitched roof

After stripping the roof, the challenge was to pull off the decking which was in undersized 12mm plywood, stapled and glued everywhere to the joists.

Crowbars came in handy.


Glass Reinforced Plastic Roofing System

First, we cut up firring pieces to ensure the correct falls and fitted OSB3 decking over the joists using 63mm galvanized fixings.

• Decking was primed using Resitrix FG Primer

• We supplied and fixed an Alutrix 600 vapour barrier

• Treated timber sections were then provided

• Followed by installation of PIR insulation boards

What is fibreglass roofing?

Fibreglass is a fibre reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibres of glass.

Is the top coat only available in Dark Grey?

No, there is a choice of top coats available (Any BS4800 Colour).

How will I maintain my roof?

The materials used are tough, durable and impact resistant, therefore no maintenance is required.

Do GRP materials come with a Guarantee?

Yes, they come with a 20-year Guarantee.


• Preformed GRP Trims fitted

• Cure-it trim adhesive & expansion joint

• 450mg resin and matting system

• Fibreglass rubbed with grit paper

• Attractive dark graphite grey top coat to finish

GRP layers

We got down to it, once all the tiles were removed we stripped off all the felt and batten leaving a pitched roof frame over a 3-layer felt flat roof.

Wood for the fire

Wood for the fire

It's all in the detail

Keeping up the good work

uPVC Guttering & Fascias

uPVC Guttering and Fascia being fitted

After the TG4 tongue and groove OSB3 roof decking was supplied and fixed over the top of the insulation, new fascia boards were fitted in white uPVC and complimented with white square line guttering and new downpipes.

Now we are getting there...

We were excited to be seeing impressive results as we finally got ready to supply and fix the GRP fibreglass Cure-it flat roof system to the decking.

New Cure-it GRP warm roof system complete
grp roof complete

Warm GRP Cure-it roof system

Testimonial – Whatcombe Brow, Stonehenge
“We had serious issues with the existing roof as it had not been watertight and 21 years of rain had done its worst. Richie and the team uncovered a nightmare. The roof had to be stripped back to rafters and a full new warm roof fitted. R& D Roofing where professional, courteous and, despite the work extending by about 2 weeks due to what they found, remained on site until completion. The finished result is extremely good and any teething issues (guttering) were dealt with quickly even though we are 1.5 hours away from their office. We picked R& D Roofing as we wanted flat roof experts and am so pleased we did.” 10/10

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