When it comes to household expenses, it’s no secret that prices have spiraled in the past few years…

The truth is, that without extensive research and the corresponding expertise, it’s difficult to tell how much a new flat roof might cost you…

with many homeowners underestimating the potential cost and having to dig deep to try and fund an unexpected expense.

Which is why at R&D Roofing, we’ve created our very own flat roof cost calculator to keep you informed from the very beginning

Our cost calculator will take into account some important details about your roof including roof dimensions, required type of roof and current state of the roof…

Which will be passed onto one of our flat roof specialists who will deliver you with a no-obligation quote within 48 hours.

Discover below

The cost of your new flat roof

    Property/Project Type

    How high is the flat roof?

    What is your flat roof type?

    Reasons for changing your roof

    Roof Size

    Additional Options

    Replace timber substrate deckWarm roof insulationGreen roof option

    Time Scale

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