Cleaning your flat roof is never a desired task for any homeowner. It can be a daunting task that gets put right to the bottom of your to-do-list along with cleaning the bathroom or scrubbing the kitchen sink. However, if your flat roof is not properly maintained, you are at risk of taking years off of the life span of your flat roof.

Although a lot of flat roofs are installed with the promise of being “maintenance-free”, that’s not to say that a bit of love and care once in a while will keep the roof looking great and prevent problems further down the line. Which is why, frequent and thorough flat roof maintenance is essential to keep the longevity of your flat roof preserved.

Seek the advice of a professional

Before you get ahead of yourself, always seek the advice of a professional! Ensure that you are safe to access the roof and that you have the correct equipment. A flat roof professional will always provide you with the correct cleaning method for your flat roof. Don’t forget that each flat roof type will require a different cleaning method and product!

Further, it’s important to note that without previous experience or relevant knowledge, cleaning your flat roof from a height can be extremely dangerous. If your flat roof professional states that flat roof maintenance should be conducted by themselves, you must listen to them. Without the right equipment and expertise, you can do your flat roof some serious damage, and more importantly, to yourself!

Use the right technique

There are a number of different techniques that people to use when undergoing some type of flat roof maintenance.

Pressure Washer:

Using a pressure washer to clean your flat roof is a simple but very effective form of flat roof maintenance. Further, it’s environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used whatsoever. However, using a pressure washer can take a bit longer to clean stubborn areas on the roof compared to other alternatives.

Chlorine Solution Wash:

Using chlorine solution is extremely effective in cleaning your flat roof in a reduced time period. The strength of the solution enables you to remove moss and algae effortlessly and there is less wear and tear of the surface in comparison to the pressure washer. However, chlorine solution can be dangerous if proper equipment isn’t worn and can be toxic to the user.

Sodium Hydroxide:

Sodium hydroxide is very effective in the removal of stubborn areas of algae and moss on the roof. However, this solution needs more intensive rinsing than the chlorine solution. It also has to be noted that if this product is used with a very high concentration, then it could cause significant and irreversible damage to your flat roof.

Keep it frequent

If your flat roof maintenance process is repeated every one to two years, you are at much less risk of your roof developing problems in the future. The process doesn’t have to take ages but if you dedicate a few hours to remove the build up of dirt, moss and algae your flat roof will remain pleasing to the eye and the longevity of your roof will be preserved.

I hope this helps!

The R&D Team

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